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A photo log
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Joseph Bressler's LiveJournal:

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Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
8:33 pm
Sunday, November 28th, 2004
11:41 am
Allegheny National Forest
Home of the Allegheny Water Resevoir: the only untainted waterway in Pennsylvania that has not been exploited by oil tycoons...

Sunday, November 14th, 2004
2:56 am
Thursday, November 11th, 2004
9:37 pm
My first attempt at making a community
In case you're in the area, post you're favorite places that you've found....or visit the community to find a new favorite place to explore.
Wednesday, November 10th, 2004
6:55 pm
Kinda Trippy

A bunch of supplemental pics that are either inverse images of the ones already posted or just pics that are too crappy to post on the main page
picsCollapse )

Current Mood: blah
Monday, November 8th, 2004
11:19 pm
Mendon Ponds

Click on pic

Sunday, November 7th, 2004
7:58 pm
Bird Sanctuary
My Nostalgic Journey....

A small little bird sanctuary within walking distance. Nobody wants to buy this gorgeous property anymore cause of the power lines so FUCK the birds...let them get cancer....and may we find another reason to burden our souls. I'm not allowed to enjoy this pond because the Audoban Society resents my presence but i go there anyways. But I never go alone.... This is the only place I know of that allows me to express myself fully to who i'm with. Here is where I bring close friends, and girls of the past. Everything seems to work out there. I connect there. Simplicity and comfort surrounds me like a warm blanket. It doesn't make sense at all, there is nothing special in the air, the birds there are not unique, plants and trees just like anywhere else. In a word: mediocrity. But this absurd realization only leads me to believe whole-heartedly that everybody has a place like this. I am not unique, nor is my bird sanctuary. Whether you have noticed it or not, there is a place out there that disarms you and whoever you are with. It will always rejuvenate, unconsciously if it must, but cleanses you nonetheless.
Friday, November 5th, 2004
7:08 am
Thursday, November 4th, 2004
5:22 pm
"Top of the World"
or at least NY state...
When I look at this picture, it instantly puts me back atop of Mt. Marcy. The intesity I felt while being in the high peaks is so embedded in me that i doubt i will ever forget it. I honestly believe that putting pictures up of such a sacred place is a crime. It should be appreciated by only those that have been there because those who have seen it on a webpage or in my photo album will be quick to forget what they have seen. I hope that my cheesy comment on this photo will inspire you to go out and witness the majesty of nature first hand. Because to me, it is places like this which truly change you as a person.
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
6:54 pm
More random pictures

You see that giant white slab on the side of that mountain? Heres a view from the bottom of that mountain.

It's name is Avalanche Mountain.....I wonder why?

Probably one of my favorite waterfalls....I just hung out at the base for about an hour eating lunch and taking it in.

This lake is absolutely beyond gorgeous in person. Incredibly hard to get to though.

Sunday, October 3rd, 2004
12:09 pm
Saturday, September 11th, 2004
8:38 am
Chimney Bluffs

It's not that i'm a good photographer (by any calculations), it's just that the things i take pictures of are impossible to take a bad picture of..... enjoy these pictures of strange land formations.

In case you are wondering what exotic nick of the world did i take these photographs in, would you believe me if i said upstate new york? It's awfully hard for foreigners and non new york state residents to comprehend the fact that there is something more to the empire state than just skyscrapers and attitude.

The beauty of the untamed wilderness in NY state seems never ending and so to is my curiousity of it. I hate myself for exploiting it's riches through photographs on a lame website but it is just too much for me to keep to myself..... so enjoy.

Friday, August 20th, 2004
10:05 am
More pictures....

simplicity and solace hidden in the tall blades of grass

I have found an old dirt road hidden in the depths of the backcountry. Noone knows about it but me. It was once a slave to traffic but I have now set it free. This road leads to nowhere specific. It is too bumpy for cars. And unaccessible to the tourist. It's secret is found only by the patient who walk its weary turns. Would you like me to fill you in? The truth is that it tames the wild forest and rules over the rolling hills. It forces the wild to unveil its facade to the weary traveller who walks its path. It was once a highway that tainted this wonderful place, flowing with disruption and impurity. Now it is a relic that nature is taking back for its own. I am witness to the earth's most powerful weapon against conflict. Time. And this road is truly a victim of time.
9:32 am
Lassie and Link

I'll try not to post too many pictures of dogs, cause i don't think you all appreciate them as much as i do but i just had to post this one of the two dogs in the back of the jeep, recovering from a muddy and action packed fishing adventure.
Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
2:32 pm
Rumbling in the Dark Crevace

It roared like industry, but noone could see it. Where did it come from. Look in the crack in the earth. There it is, lurking in the darkness. Such beauty and intensity hidden in the shadow, heard by many but seen by few. Just then you realize, never would I have heard the passion of its cry if i was blinded by its sparkle in the light.
2:20 pm

The earth is devouring the heap of compost.
2:16 pm

I was making my way down the Great Northern trail along with my hiking buddy (Link). After hours upon hours of restless forest i come upon a clearing right beyond a gate. A sign on the gate says "please close fence behind you", so i did. I was so appreciative to see a change in scenery that i failed to question why there was a gate there. So as I made my way to the top of the rolling hill, I am confronted face to face with the bull. The bull spares me no attention but stares viciously into the eyes of Link. My dog returns the glance without breathing or moving. Suddenly I found myself witnessing a moment of pure intensity as their eyes were locked and intertwined with each other's. Just before the bull charged me at full force, I took a quick snapshot of the memorable moment. (By the way: I made it out alive; As soon as i saw the massive beast jerk his lumbering limbs in flight towards my dog, I ran as fast as i could down the hill and back into the forest. I don't remember it clearly but i'm pretty sure my dog was running scared just behind me because i definitely didn't feel any tug on the leash.)
2:03 pm
unlikely yet wholly appreciated company

At the time of the photo i was surrounded by an orange layer of salamander on top of a green layer of soft fern and moss. If you ever make it out to FLNF watch your step.
1:55 pm

(click on pic)
7:51 am

(click on pic)
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